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blog Michiru's blog NOVEMBER~


As November starts, seems like it’s getting calm along with the whether changes and her job finishes over its peak.

Then now, she begins a new project.

At the beginning of this year, I talked to Ms. Kaya who finished his career in Tokyo and moved to Hokkaido, the very north part of Japan.

Since then they’ve emailed each other and finally Kaya told her that “Michiru, can you write a theme song for my town, Sobetsu of Hokkaido?”

Michiru was surprised to get such a new offer and accepted as she got excited and felt honored.

Yesterday Michiru had a meeting with her during her temporary visit to Tokyo,

and discussed for the song.

When Michiru did finish write the theme song, she wishes to visit the town someday.




Explaining of a music scale for healing harp.

Healing harp has a 11 strings, and can play some various scales,

and she says depending on the scale to use,

impressions and music type varies so that listeners feel differently.





Talking about Orchestra.

Orchestra varies from small band to big,

depending on how many instruments and players join.

And it influences how the sound becomes deep and thick.

You can hear wide various sounds from low to high as various instruments are played at the same time.

Not only the melody and chord, but you could also feel the large acoustic sounds,

typically in The rite of spring by Stravinsky, or Wagner, Mahler.  





Remembering her stage performance overseas before.

Just three years ago she appeared in a Con in Mexico,

and did some joint sessions with other musicians from US, German, UK, etc..

After the show, one of Michiru’s fans came up to her and gave a present of drawing of Castlevania arranged-art.

It’s called “Fan-art”. Even though it’s the product by a fan, the quality is obviously high.

She feels very happy to see and thankful to have such a nice fan.




Attended a workshop of making water kalimba.

This was the 4th time to attend.

Using used cans of tea and coffee,

and finally it became a mix of various water like Mt. Takao water, and other river or falls in the world.

After the lunch break, she enjoyed a crystal bowl concert on the day.




Introducing a healing instrument, TAO lyre.

Michiru’s sister, Kaho finished hand-maded mini-TAO lyre,

it took fully 2 days.


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