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blog Michiru's blog OCTOBER~


Sometimes thinking about the relationship between sound and video.

She thinks there are 3 important elements you need to care when combining two;


Bright, sad, happy sounds, used especially in story or background music.


Red, yellow, blue sounds, related to how you see and feel.

-Natural material

Wood, stone, water like ocean, lake, or river, soil like clay or sand, metal like steel, etc...

Thus, there are some ways to match sounds with video in various situation.  




When composing music, she uses live instruments other than computers.

The instruments includes healing harp, chime bar, and hand chime, which I met in last 2 years,

and gankdrum I found in London, and some more others I even don’t know the names.

She gets excited to use those instruments in her music production,

as this could be an opportunity for listeners to know them.




Her sister Kaho asked Michiru to play piano for Kaho’s singing at her friend’s wedding party.

Since there is only a week by the party, she dicided to challenge without enough arrangements and practices.

(It was actually successful somehow!)

The song was well-known piece “You Raise Me Up” covered by many famous singers.

She loved the lyrics too and suit to the wedding celebration.




After the wedding party she talked last post,

Kaho’s friend told her that there was a british man who was shaking his shoulders during performing the song,

and she thought he was such a rude to laugh at that calm emotional time.

However, then she realized the man was not laughing, but crying, very moved for the song.

Michiru believes the music power allows him relaxed, healed, and moved.




Had a meeting for a video game music she’s been working for 2 years.

It will be released next year, so please be patient for that.




Been to a venue for inspection as she is planning to have a concert with her sister Kaho.

The point for this inspection was whether piano on stage can be tuned in 432hz.

As she talked before, the tuning will lead human body to feel relaxed and healed.

Please make sure at her concert, it’ll be planned in Feb or Mar next year.




Visited to see a famous broadway musical “SISTER ACT.”

The music is by a very famous comporser Alan Menken,

sounds very nice and great!

Bcause the seat was very close to the stage, she could hear the live voice directly,

it was so excited.

Dance, senario, music, and performance, everything was perfect,

so that I can now understand why tickets get sold out every time on sale.




Talking about how to use computer technically better for music composing and production.

She found useful new function of the software when you find the loop point.


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