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Been staying in Bali for KUU experience and mini-concert.

Got an operation of healing in Ubud from a famous healer, Thokorda.

Can’t believe he’s 80! He says her body is fully good in condition!

Then she watched a main event, Jegog performance.

Jegog is a form of gamelan music indigenous to Bali, Indonesia, played on instruments made of bamboo.

she felt every piece of cell through her body is being shaked and healed, like a massage of sound!




Continuing talking about Jegog.

It contains 8 bamboo pipes, and each pipe has a pitch of so, la, do#, me, so, la ,do#, me.

The performer plays right and left hand in unizon.

The only 4 pitches can express variations with strength, rhythm, timing, and voice, 

and it comes to enjoy people like her.





During her stay in Bali,

she had a mini-concert of healing music before KUU film.

It was held from SEP5 to 7 in three different places.

On the last day, she could appear with her sister as a unit for the performance.




She had her birthday on 23rd.

Thanks for many messages, photos, and gifts,

she was really happy to see the timeline with full of celebrations.




Visiting to Kyoto.


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