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Michiru usually compose music by using a music software.

Sometimes she asks others for live recording like a guitarist playing a guitar, or a singer to sing.

When mixing those music data, she always trying say to myself “do not edit live recording data too much,”

because it sometimes loses like the natural quality and feeling,

that is, too much editing can make it worse...





went to Ikebukuro to see a therapy concert by Keiko Sunohara.

Keiko is studying by herself about songs composed by Hildegard von Bingen,

and the concert was strongly influenced by those music.

As Keiko said in the concert,

Michiru experienced that “Music is healing” as she felt her shoulder pain got better after the concert.




Listening many soundtracks to prepare for my talk show on the 30th this month.

Michiru composed music for many action games.

And RPG songs also as RPG usually needs many songs for many characters.




It was rainy all the day.

So Michiru worked a lot for composing a song and took long for a loop part.

Loop means like “repeating” and it’s effective for games to use,

as it becomes possible to end flexibly.




Talking about a concert “Singing Yoga and Singing Ball”




Went to Ikebukuro concert hall for a video game music orchestra concert by JAGMO.



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