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Michiru is introducing Yumiko, a musician and a wife of Julio, who is a cordinator taking care of her staying in Portugal last month.

Yumiko is teaching music at school in Portugal,

and performing old instruments like “Salterio” one of origins of harp and piano.

Also Yumiko sings a healing music, and she could see her performance during stay in Fatima.

Michiru was strongly impressed for Yumiko’s saying “Sound is Light, Light is Love.”




Met Toma Sosu, a narrator of a Japanese spiritual film “KUU.”

Michiru performed a mini-concert on stage as a part of the film’s event last month.

In London she could have an opportunity to play piano together with Toma.




Introducing 2 persons Masako and Yumiko, who organized a film “KUU” in London.

First, Yumiko is a player of Sinking Bowls and did a performance on stage before the film.

Then Masako, she is a production manager taking care of catering and everything around stage.

By the way, Masako and Yumiko temporarily come back Japan to have an event, Music and Yoga.




A magazine called BAND LIFE interviewed Michiru, and it’s now on sale.

In the interview, she talked about her music carrier, video game music, etc.

Then as the extension of the interview,

she will have a talking event with BAND LIFE.

“Michiru Yamane & BAND LIFE Talk Show”

2017/08/30 starting at 7:30pm

In Suizokukan, Shin-ohkubo, Tokyo





Talking about tuning an instrument.

Not like piano or electro-keyboard,

when Michiru plays a healing harp these days like in London recently,

she realized how difficult and tough to tune the instrument by herself.

By the way, she bought a tuner in London and tuned the healing harp by herself.

She thought it is good to be conscious about tuning right for self musicianship.




Continuing talking about a healing harp.

About strings, pitch, and how to play the note.


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