Manager’s Diary

blog Michiru's blog MAY~


Now Japan is in a holiday week called “Golden Week,”

though Michiru is working hard this week for composing music.






Still in a holiday week.

Inspired by a manga called “Dr. COTO’S CLINIC,”

and couldn’t stop reading the series even though she has to do the job...






This week Michiru is taking care of Kaho’s 2 cats in her house during Kaho’s trip.

Day by day, seems she is becoming close and better in the relationship with cats.

It’s very fun and excited for Michiru.




Talking about how to get started the work or anything.

She did cleaning her room today and felt it’s same as composing music in a way how to start the thing and get motivated.

When she is not motivated and feels lazy or something but have to start composing music,

she just make one sound by piano or computer.

So she feels something from it and make another sound,

and then she feels better and motivated little by little to work.




Talking about some instruments often used in healing music.




Explaining how to set and arrange the tempo in composing music.




Went to a concert, “Heartcare Concert”

The concert is organized by doctors, teachers, and healing music performers.

From the concert, there was a strong message about life and love.




Kaho is coming back to Japan after a trip so will take her cats from Michiru’s house.

Seems she feels sad and miss so much for the cats.


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