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blog Michiru's blog APR2~

-APR 2

When visiting any concert venues, I like to get many fliers for upcoming concerts.
And I like to read over each concert information and imagine the stage and performance. 
Then finally I found one of them I actually love to go this year.
It is “Bach Concert” mainly by pipe organ and cembalo,
the keybord instruments which are actually popular at that time!

-APR 3

As posted yesterday’s blog about Bach concert, 
talking again about a pipe organ and cembalo.
Remenbered almost 10 years ago when I could play a real pipe organ and cembalo in Germany.
Really love the beautiful yet delicate live sounds of pipe organ and cembalo,
and it was very special time and experience for me.

- APR 4

Visited a conference about communication and energy,
and learned a lot like how to invite peaceful relationship with others.

- APR 5

Listened to an internet radio program by Ms. Akiko Hasegawa and Mr Ishimaru.
It is about spiritual healing message for everyday life,
and I’m so impressed.

- APR 6

In my Kyoto private trip last month,
visited a natural stone jewel shop to fix my old bracelet,
which I bought for order-made last year in this shop.
My original bracelet stones include Quartz, Red Amber, Strawberry Quartz, Rutile Quartz.
Each stone has a special meaning to heal my mind and body.
I’m really motivated!

- APR 7

The news announced a peaking week for SAKURA in Tokyo.
(The photo is from my last Kyoto trip.)
Today I was surprised of another news about Skype’s new function of automated translation!
Recent years I feel many technological progress, which we just imagined as future dreams when my childhood.
Like my music composing, I someday realized myself working to computer, not papers.
It’s so quick!
Hope I can talk to my friends and fans all over the world without language issue.

- APR 8

Today’s blog is the 333rd post since I started “everyday blog posting year project” in last May,
so the goal is really close now!

- APR 9

Visited Roppongi for monthly curvy dancing lesson,
and learned the positive consciousness is important for healthy body maintenance. 
The photo is from a SAKURA street in Roppongi, known for nice view of cherry blossoms in this season.


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