Manager’s Diary

blog First Page of Manager's Diary !!!

Hi there!
I’m miya, a manager of Michiru. Thank you for visiting!

For Michiru’s renewed website,
she asked me to start “A manager’s diary” in English along with her blog,
intended to share her daily thoughts and works with foreign fans!

So, it will be updated once a month at least!
(please be tolerated about the delay and language mistakes!
Please comment back for any questions, comments, or requests for us!
Keep in touch and let’s enjoy together!



Jean Philippe Coeurlion

I had contact with you 2 years ago about making music to my game, Amazing Mouse Kingdom.

It's appears like my email from 2 years ago was deleted by Google.

So if you can reach me on I would be really happy.

Jean Philippe Coeurlion

Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 01:41 PM